Timo van Dommelen
By Timo van Dommelen

It was made public some time ago, but Donkey Rollers (existing of Zany, DV8, Jowan and Michel Pollen) are going to release an album at the end of May. This album is not just any album, for it will contain a staggering 38 tracks. The album will be full of remixes made by other artists, a lot of older tracks (some known, some unknown) and also some new tracks like a collab with Noisecontrollers.

In an interview with the ED (Eindhovens Dagblad) they said the following: Pollen: “You can find all of the old Donkey Roller classics on this album.” The collective states that it’s still worth it to release an album. “It must we a fun thing to have ”, states Van Korven enthusiastically. “hopefully a lot of our die hard fans will buy the album for its nostalgic feeling.”

Every single performance Donkey Rollers have done since the announcement of the album have had the title ’15 years of’. Within two weeks, Donkey Rollers will host their own exclusive area at the Intents Festival IntentsCity campsite. ‘The Donkey Show’, as it’s called, will serve as the official album release party. The album will be available on the 29th of May.

Until now, 28 tracks out of the 38 have a preview which you can find online. Older tracks like “D.O.N.K.E.Y”, “Der Rammachine” and “Immeasurably”, and remixes from artists like Radical Redemption (“Chaos”), Phuture Noize (“Not Afraid”) and Frontliner (“Atrocity”) have earned their spot on the album. The other tracks that are already known are stated below.

Tracks that are already online:
Donkey Rollers – Voice of Conscience (Requiem Remix)
Donkey Rollers – Chaos (Radical Redemption Remix)
Donkey Rollers – Not Afraid (Phuture Noize Remix)
Donkey Rollers – Justice 4 All (Apexx Remix)
Donkey Rollers – Fusion Of Sound (DJ Isaac Remix)
Donkey Rollers – Hoodoo Voodoo (Retrospect Remix)
Donkey Rollers – Total Domination (Warface Remix)
Donkey Rollers – Innocent (Dr Phunk Remix)
Donkey Rollers – The Sound of the Beast (Titan Remix)
Donkey Rollers – The Last City On Earth (Avana Remix)
Donkey Rollers – Motherf*ck (Zany Rework)
Donkey Rollers – Immortal (Digital Punk Remix)
Donkey Rollers – Atrocity (Frontliner Remix)
Donkey Rollers – So U Wanna Be Hardcore (Notorious Two Remix)
Donkey Rollers – Silver Bullet (Bass Modulators Refix)
Donkey Rollers – D.O.N.K.E.Y.
Donkey Rollers – No One Can Stop Us (Showtek Kwartjes Mix)
Donkey Rollers & Noisecontrollers – Human Enemy
Donkey Rollers – Der Rammachine
Donkey Rollers – The Donkey Show
Donkey Rollers – What We Are
Donkey Rollers – Immeasurably
Donkey Rollers – Life Or Death
Donkey Rollers – Evil

You van listen to all the previews through the Youtube channel of Fusion Records.

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