Zatox continues at full force and releases his fourth studio album ‘Unstoppable’. The album consists of 18 songs and contains a mix of fan-favorites, new releases, edits and Zatox remixes. The album not only provides an overview of Zatox’s recent years, but also offers a taste of what is to come.

The album ‘Unstoppable’ brings quite a few new Zatox tracks. Songs he is most proud of, are ‘Techno Power’, ‘Apollo’, and ‘This Generation’. These songs remind him of his early days in the industry in 2003. “These tracks are particularly special to me because they represent the fusion of genres that I have been exploring,” he said in an interview with

“It’s important to keep experimenting, that’s what being an artist is all about”

Working on these songs felt like a return to his roots for Zatox, but at the same time it felt like entering a new era. “This mix of nostalgia and new beginnings makes these songs stand out for me.”

With the release of ‘Unstoppable’, Zatox indicates that he is taking a new direction. “It’s important to keep experimenting, that’s what it’s all about as an artist. Completing this album has set me on a new path, one that I’d like to dive deeper into.” We can therefore expect more of this ‘Techno Power’ from the Scantraxx DJ in the future.

De tracklist of Zatox – Unstoppable

‘Unstoppable’ contains a total of 18 tracks. As a bonus, those who purchase the CD will exclusively enjoy Zatox’s remix of Giuseppe Ottaviani’s ‘Only A Heartbeat Away’.

1. Zatox – Apollo
2. Zatox – The Castles In The Sky
3. Zatox & Zyon – Techno Power
4. Zatox – In My Mind
5. Gabry Ponte – Easy On My Heart (Zatox Remix)
6. Zatox – Unstoppable 2.0
7. Zatox – Acid For Your Brain
8. Zatox & The Purge – Tunnel Of Vision
9. Zatox – Drop The Bomb
10. Zatox – For Ever (2023 Edit)
11. Zatox – Hardstyle Never Dies
12. Zatox & Lessss – This Generation
13. Zatox & Dj Gollum – The Hoover
14. Zatox – Rave Attack
15. Riot Shift X Zatox – DAMAGE
16. TNT & Zatox – I Like Bass
17. Zatox & The Purge ft. Dave Revan – Killswitch
18. [CD Exclusive] Guiseppe Ottaviani ft. Tricia Mcteague – Only A Heartbeat Away (Zatox Remix)

‘Unstoppable’ can be streamed on all music platforms starting November 24th. Hardstyle enthusiasts get the chance to physically own this piece of Italian Hardstyle history: starting today, the CD is being sold exclusively via

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