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On Saturday the time had finally come. In collaboration with REBiRTH, Adjuzt & The Purge launched their new live act called Dreamscape. In a sold-out Poppodium 013 in Tilburg, three thousand RAW enthusiasts packed the biggest sets and of course the icing on the cake: the premiere of the new Dreamscape act. “Everything is right: from the music to the atmosphere inside the hall.”

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The doors of 013 open at exactly 2 o’clock in the afternoon. There is already a long line outside with many impatient people. The rain that comes over Tilburg does not help all the people who want to go inside. But despite that, all the people in line are still very enthusiastic. This creates crowds at the lockers and makes it difficult to get through. The first set is already in progress, so you feel the bass on your body before you even enter the room. In Area 1, Griever & Sanctuary immediately turn 013 upside down. Hard kicks, lots of lasers and people punching the air with clenched fists. Dreamscape has now really started.

“Even the staff is happily klaplonging”

People laughing, stamping, sweating and dancing. That is the image that can be seen in 013. One hour later, the main stage is completely full for the first set of one of the hosts of the day. The Purge takes to the stage together with Mind Dimension. A stage like you don’t often see during a RAW party: a kind of boiler room where people can stand behind the DJs. Very original and the transparent floor with smoke screen is also something that we are very impressed with.

The atmosphere is getting better and better. During the sets that follow, you can feel the enthusiasm flowing through the room. Adjuzt and D-Sturb give extra gas and the well-known klaplong-kicks of Adjuzt are discussed. You notice that the audience goes along with this. There is a real collapse party at ringside. Friends circle each other and start stomping on the floor. The people behind the bar happily participate and even almost forget that they have to pour beers.

The floor is not only tested in Area 1; Also in Area 2 the floor is shaking because of all the people dancing. The small hall is completely full during Exproz’s set. A room with a lot of heat and sweaty faces enjoying the French DJ. With his own specific kicks he puts on a show that would not have been out of place in area 1.

The act of the evening: Dreamscape

Dreamscape’s big debut is about to begin. You notice this because the corridors are becoming increasingly emptier and the hall is becoming even busier. People are curious about what will come next. During the silence that falls before the set starts, you hear a lot of commotion. Announced by MC Livid, Adjuzt and The Purge enter. The song ‘We Are Dreamscape’ immediately starts. A new act naturally also requires new music and the vibe in the audience is indescribable. Arms continue to move back and forth and the vibration in the floor continues due to people’s klaplong. The visuals on the back of the screen in collaboration with the lights give this show an extra cool experience. Everything is right: from the music to the atmosphere inside the hall.

After this new act, the bar is set very high for the next artists who still have to perform a set. Vertile creates a family feeling with its melodies. Everyone is there for the same thing and everyone does it together. Fraw, Mutilator, Omnya and Bloodlust throw some really hard RAW kicks. For Omnya it is his first time LIVE and this was not a disappointment. According to visitors around us, this was one of the better sets of the evening, which you also noticed while playing the music. The audience reacted a lot to the kicks that followed with an ‘ooh‘ and an ‘aah‘. It must have been a successful evening for Omnya.

“Expectations were already high, but Dreamscape more than lived up to it”

The closing event of the day is Uptempo Rumble: a crazy composition of Adjuzt, The Purge, Abaddon, Gezellige Uptempo and Lunakorpz. One more blast with everyone and it worked. People chopping in the busy crowd, but no one is surprised. Arms that all move to the beat of the music and also in sync. An image that is great to see from the ring.

The set was ready and everyone had to recover from it. The room becomes empty again and people walk to their lockers. Thus Dreamscape came to an end and everyone went home tired, but satisfied. The fact that the event was completely sold out within 59 minutes was already a good harbinger, but this day in Tilburg more than lived up to expectations.

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