Sharon van der Werf
By Sharon van der Werf

Sub Zero Project reached a new milestone last weekend by organizing their own All For One event. The hardstyle duo delivers their most impressive performance yet in the sold-out Mitsubishi Electric Halle in Düsseldorf. “7500 souls came together and raved as one. All For One, we wrote history!”

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Last weekend, Düsseldorf, Germany was the place to be for fans of Sub Zero Project. Thousands of visitors from more than 35 different countries traveled to the Mistubishi Electric Halle – a unique location for harder styles events. Sub Zero Project: All For One had the scoop: it was the first hardstyle event to be held in this impressive venue, and it was completely sold out.

Sub Zero Project makes a deep impression with All For One

Countless fans showed their dedication for the hardstyle duo by traveling to the event fully dressed in Sub Zero Project merchandise. The real die hards even dare to wear the typical white painted heads. This continued support from their devoted fans has always been the duo’s biggest inspiration to continue pushing the creative boundaries.

That support from the dedicated fans was once again evident last weekend. More than 45 minutes before the doors of the event opened, people were waiting in line outside. Nobody wanted to miss a single minute of this unique event, which also featured leading artists such as Rebelion, Sickmode vs. Mish pres. Rave Love, Vertile and Hard Driver were on the line-up.

A psychedelic trip down memory lane

This completely sold-out evening featured an impressive trip down memory lane. Visitors who were present from start to finish heard all the live acts from the history of Sub Zero Project blast through the speakers. During the event, visitors went back in time during The Contagion and Rave Into Space, live acts that fans still hold in high regard.

Sub Zero Project live acts through the years

The Contagion
Rave Into Space
Renaissance Of Rave
Bad Trip

To make the evening an extra special experience, the men have spent many hours in the studio in recent weeks to surprise their fans with new songs and never-before-seen edits. At the last minute, their most recent live act, Bad Trip, was also added to the All For One line-up. An act that not only focuses on newer tracks such as ‘Imma Raver’, but also edits of edits that are received with loud cheers by enthusiastic psy-style enthusiasts.

What you can always assume at a Sub Zero Project show is that a large team of designers, animators and show technicians have been put to work to create a visual spectacle time and time again. During All For One this excelled in a show that the audience couldn’t get enough of. The reactions to the visuals (both on the dance floor and online) are more than positive.

Sub Zero Project All For One

“Words don’t do any justice to what happened last Saturday”

The men of Sub Zero Project look back on their sold-out event with great pride and a warm feeling. The exceptional atmosphere during the entire event in the Mistubishi Electric Halle in particular is something the two can’t stop talking about. “Words don’t do any justice to what happened last Saturday. During the entire night, the atmosphere was from another world. Forever grateful for this night,” say Nigel and Thomas via Instagram know.

After this successful event, the Dutch duo is more than ready for everything that will come in 2024. “From the bottom of our hearts… thank you for bringing us to where we are today. We do this together. One For All, All For One.”


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Images via management Sub Zero Project. Credits: Sil Vanderbrugge (header) and Lorenzo.

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