Sharon van der Werf
By Sharon van der Werf

With two full festival days, five different stages and 125+ artists, Elektrum Festival showed its best side last weekend. More than 23,000 visitors said goodbye to an excellent festival season in the autumn sun (and with the occasional rain shower). The festival had many highlights, but visitors cannot stop talking about the atmosphere at the Uiltje Classics stage.

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There were many special acts to see at Elektrum throughout the weekend. On both days there was an impressive The Electrum Show, where the audience was treated to an abundance of lasers in combination with fireworks, lights and the loudest tracks. In addition, new talent could be admired in the Boombox (such as the only 13-year-old Miss Isa) and there were a number of surprising B2Bs on the main stage, uptempo stage and the raw outdoor. However, the stage that stood head and shoulders above the rest in terms of atmosphere was the Uiltje Classics stage.

Plenty of atmosphere in the Uiltje Classics

You could hardly ignore the Uiltje Classics this weekend. The stage was located exactly in the middle of the festival site, making it easy to walk in when heading to the food court or toilets. With the multiple entrances, the stage really invites you to take a look.

Anyone who walked in found themselves in a warm bath of atmosphere and nostalgia. Various platforms and boxes were placed along the edges of the floor to stand on, so that everyone could see the DJ behind the booth. If that wasn’t high enough for you, several flights of stairs gave you access to an elevation. Anyone standing there not only had a beautiful view of the rest of the festival site, but also a beautiful view of the bustling classics stage.

Elektrum festival Uiltje classics stage

Countless classics through the speakers

On Sunday you could hear countless tracks that you don’t often hear blasting through the speakers these days. For example, classics hero Jones, who we recently spoke to in PLAFONDDIENST about his love for classics, played ‘Gunz 4 Hire – Bolivia’. Deetox was also back on the podium this weekend after a long time. During her set, true raw classics such as ‘The Machine & The Geminizers – Godcore’ were featured.

When the sun set, the music in the Uiltje Classic stage became even louder. The cold was no longer noticeable – everyone just threw their arms even higher in the air with every drop. Crypsis, E-Force and Regain provided quite a bit of musical violence in the middle of the festival site. At E-Force the classic ‘Seven’ could not be missed and Crypsis opted for Minus Militia tracks such as ‘Till 8 In The Morning’ and ‘Reign Supreme’, where the fists flew around your ears. Regain naturally went for tracks like ‘This Is Regain’, and the crowd shouted along.

“Together we ended this wonderful festival season!”

Are you still enjoying last weekend? And can’t you wait to be at the front of the classics again next year? The next edition of Elektrum festival will take place on October 12 and 13, 2024. A limited number of Super Early Bird tickets will be available on Tuesday, October 17, 7:00 PM via the Elektrum Festival website. Two Weekend VIP tickets for Intents Festival and WiSH Outdoor will be raffled among all buyers.

Pictures via Facebook-page Elektrum


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