Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Elektrum Festival goes all out for the hardest closing of the season. In the middle of the woods, the greatest artists in the harder styles perform unique battles and exclusive live acts among the astonishing light works: an experience you have never experienced before at a festival. “This is just the beginning!”

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The impressive Elektrum Festival will do things completely differently this year. The organizations of Intents Festival and WiSH Outdoor are once again teaming up together for enormous upgrades in their groundbreaking plans. The 5 areas have been completely renovated: “You won’t see this anywhere else. Are you ready for the ultimate visual harder styles trip in the woods?”

Now you can enjoy the best of Hardstyle, Raw, Classics, Uptempo & more on Elektrum. In total there are no fewer than 50+ artists, including unique live B2Bs, the first of which have just been revealed. A great glimpse of Elektrum’s big plans and the classics will also return in a renewed Uiltje stage. “The best of 2 days together in 1 day!”

Elektrum Festival 2024 line-up (first names)

Abaddon vs. Satirized
Bloodlust – The Assassination Live
Coldax vs. Dark Entities
Collusion vs. Heavy Resistance
DEEZL vs. Exproz
Dimitri K
Mutilator vs. So Juice
The Straikerz – Jackpot Live
Unresolved vs. Deluzion (Unique LIVE B2B)
Unresolved X
More TBA!

“The closing of the festival season: with major upgrades to the site in terms of line-up, decoration, show & much more”

Elektrum Festival – Gateway of Light will take place on Saturday the 12th of October 2024 in Boxtel (The Netherlands). The loyalty tickets are already completely sold out, so visit the official website for tickets and more information.

“Day and night are equal here. We start during the day and continue for hours as soon as it gets dark. When night falls you will no longer recognize the festival site and you will be surprised by lasers, light art, smoke machines, SFX & much more. Not only in the areas, but also outside between the trees!”


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Footage via Elektrum Festival / KVDM Photography

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