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By Wouter de Vink

Elektrum Festival is going in a new direction. Organizations behind Intents Festival and WiSH Outdoor are introducing groundbreaking changes for the end of the festival season as we know it: “You will experience a transition from day to night like you have never done before at a festival.”

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There are big plans for Elektrum Festival in October, which will get a real makeover and the visitor experience will become even more central. “Elektrum is really going into the woods this year,” the organization reveals about the change of course. Still at the same beautiful location in Boxtel, but with a different setup where the decor comes even more to life between the trees.

On the date of the festival (October 12) it will be light and dark for exactly the same amount of time – this is what Electrum is all about. “Where you party between the trees during the day and between mind-bending light artworks in the evening,” says Elektrum. Think of it as Elektrum x GLOW in Eindhoven, a harder styles festival in the woods where you go from one surprise to the next. “All this of course in addition to the best names, most beautiful stages and highest quality service.”

Elektrum explains new direction: bright by day, radiant by night

Day and night are equal here. We start during the day and continue for hours once it gets dark. Experience the last outdoor festival of the season here. Wander around our brand new grounds and be amazed.

NEW: As soon as the sun sets we show our true light. Our site has been completely renovated and is moving deeper into the woods. So we invite you to go on an adventure among the trees. With groundbreaking light artworks and dazzling installations throughout the forest and across the festival site, we promise you an experience like you have never experienced before.

On our new site you will find 5 areas, filled with 50+ incredible harder styles acts, extreme battles & unique live shows on Saturday, October 12. From mega headliners to up-and-coming talent and from Hardstyle to Raw, Extra Raw, (Raw) Classics and Uptempo, we have it all!

All this comes together in no fewer than 5 different areas with an unparalleled show on our completely renovated festival site between the trees.”

Elektrum Festival – the new ending to the festival season: “One show day where we can use all our energy”

Elektrum Festival – Gateway of Light will be held on Saturday the 12th of October 2024 in Boxtel. Pre-register now to be the first to access the Loyalty Shop. Anyone who manages to get a Loyalty ticket has a chance to win 5 years of access to Elektrum, WiSH Outdoor (weekend) & Intents (weekend). “The first names of the line-up will follow later, keep an eye on the socials!”

Footage via Elektrum Festival / KVDM Photography

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