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Today B-Front and Frontliner reunited in the studio for their B-Frontliner act. The unique live-act of these popular DJ’s is immensely popular among fans of the harder styles and it looks like new tracks are on their way. With a post on Facebook stating “New B-frontliner in the making?”, the new collaboration was made public.

bfrontliner b-front frontliner b-frontliner magic world outside


B-Frontliner have been creating tracks together since 2009. The first collabs like ‘Become The Sky‘, ‘Magic‘ and ‘1.000.000 Stars‘ hit like a bomb when they were released. On first look the euphoric style of Frontliner and the dark, mysterious sounds of B-Front might not seem a logical combination, but the result proves otherwise. The different styles match perfectly together. Ever since the first collaborations B-Frontliner already appeared on stages like Hard Bass, X-Qlusive and Thrillogy.

Emporium Festival

The next opportunity to catch B-Frontliner performing live together, will be on the 27th of May. The duo appears on the Hardstyle Mainstage of the highly-anticipated Emporium Festival. There is no doubt in mind that, next to the already well-known tracks, we will hear the new collaboration during this performance.

World Outside

The most recent track, ‘World Outside‘, has been one of the most anticipated tracks ever since it was first spun 2 years ago. However, this track still hasn’t had an official release and remains one of the most asked for tracks to release. The last release, ‘Space Warrior‘, also came out over 2 years ago. Perhaps we might finally see a release sometime soon with ‘World Outside‘. Let’s hope the new track will also be included.

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