Teun van Esch
By Teun van Esch

WiSH Outdoor has changed just about everything, resulting in a completely new adventure. With four different worlds, beautiful stages, tens of thousands of visitors and an extensive line-up, we can say that WiSH has outdone itself with something that every festival lover can fully enjoy.

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For two years, WiSH Outdoor has worked hard behind the scenes to improve the event on all fronts. The festival site has been redesigned, upgrades have been made throughout and the campground has never been better. “It is an indescribable feeling that all this is now coming to life,” explains the organization.

WiSH Outdoor is known as one of the largest crossover festivals in the Netherlands, with a major role for Hardstyle in its own world: District Overdrive. Never before has there been this much for the Hardstyle enthusiast throughout the weekend: full of specials, a Malelions stage with 55 artists and new live-acts such as B-Front’s Cosmos. “I especially want to create a great atmosphere with this new act”, B-Front answers in this new episode. In addition to the WiSH anthem, he was here with his own hosting and the first festival camping edition of B-Front’s Coffee Club.

The visitors and artists thoroughly enjoyed themselves and this was noticeable on the dancefloor. The audience went wild with a lovely sun, which was noticed by Sickmode too. The Italian played in The Machine with his new live act: “Lately, there has been something special going on between me and the audience. I’m working on something big with my team, but you’ll hear more about this later.”

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WiSH Outdoor has reinvented itself and the result of “A Weekend Adventure” is definitely there. “What a wonderful afterglow of our weekend adventure. Fortunately, we can go again on June 30 & July 1, 2, 2023!”

Cover photo via Facebook page WiSH Outdoor

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