Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

We can no longer ignore it: ‘VENDETTA’ has become the anthem of every festival campsite. The song suddenly storms into the Viral Dutch charts at number two, gets enormous international attention and has an official remix made by The Purge since today.

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Anyone who has walked around a festival campsite in recent weeks will undoubtedly have heard ‘VENDETTA’ through a portable speaker. It doesn’t matter whether you stroll through the grounds early in the morning or late at night: the Defqon.1 and WiSH Outdoor campsites turn the afterparty track of 2022 completely gray and keeps the neighbors awake.

Mr. Vendetta (better known as Roland Cristal) himself had no idea. In fact: the lovely man has got nothing to do with hardstyle. Until he was suddenly flooded with footage from the past few weeks. Groups of friends dancing between cans of beers and food at festival campsites, or a whole crowd of people who are still enjoying their 5-year-old record in the middle of the night.

“When he suddenly saw his record ‘VENDETTA’ in the Viral Dutch charts, he started to realize that something strange was going on, haha”

β€œWhen I open Instagram on a Sunday morning, I see posts and videos of people dancing to my music,” Roland Cristal explains to us. But in the past two weeks he suddenly got to see a lot of people at festival campsites throughout The Netherlands. “Some even do a whole walkthrough over the entire site, it looked fun! That’s how I discovered what happened to ‘VENDETTA’.”

The Purge saw this too and took the plunge. He asked Roland if he could make a remix of this, but the maker did not want this at first. Until they started talking more about it, says the label boss of Savage Squad Recordings.

“This is the most fun and perfect song for Hardstyle after-parties, it’s my tribute to those who always go for the full 100%,” said The Purge. “While I was on my way to Defqon.1 on Sunday, I spoke to a friend about this. And then on Monday, fans also asked if I could make a remix of this. I decided to give it a go and from there everything went pretty fast!”

The festival campsites can’t believe their luck: The Purge drops official Roland Cristal remix – VENDETTA

And it went fast indeed. During WiSH Outdoor last week, the hands went into the air en masse and after a call from The Purge you sent in massive videos of all the crazy camping adventures that ‘VENDETTA’ has brought about. The result: an official hardstyle remix that will conquer many campsites and afters.

Roland Cristal – ‘VENDETTA (The Purge Remix)’ is now available through the official channels of Savage Squad Recordings. At which afterparty did you hear this song for the first time?

Cover image taken from Facebook page Defqon.1

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