Shenna van der Velden
By Shenna van der Velden

Since last week, fans came accross mysterious messages about the date 12th of June and the letter ‘V’. Now it has been finally revealed what it is all about: Clockartz is about to release their very first album. 

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The guys of Clockartz have made huge steps in their career and you can find them also at several major events. In the past few years they have made big tracks, but never an album… fortunately that is going to change! “We don’t really think there was a moment where we decided to make an album”, according to Konstantin and Sebastian. “We had a really good flow in the studio and then we suddenly realized that we made an entire album. All the tracks that we produced tell a beautiful story. They belong to each other and it wouldn’t make sense to release this music separate from each other.”

The brand new album will be released on Q-dance Records. “We think the album fit the vision of Q-dance”according to Clockartz. The album is 100% Clockartz: no collaborations and no remixes. “Every track in the album has to be told to be able to understand the album. Without one track, you can’t understand the other.” 

The title track is the first chapter of their story represents the awakening of the album: “The track takes 7 minutes and the premier was really special for us. As a matter of fact there were only a handfull of people that knew that we were going to release the album. In this first track you can hear back the elements and atmosphere that represents the album.” Some of the tracks will be instrumental: “We didn’t aim to make hits but we wanted to make good music.”

“The first big show that we will do will be at IMPAQT”

Q-dance has already announced that they will come with a brand new event: IMPAQT. During the announcement of the line-up, the mysterious – and back then still unknown – ‘V’ was noticed by many fans. “We had really good talks with Q-dance about our album and how our show should look. Q-dance told us their plans with IMPAQT and I think everything will really come together there. Not only the lineup is really good but they also want to really push their shows to the next level. We think that our album can be experienced best in a show like that. So, we are really looking forward!”

Also Q-dance has posted something about a mysterious ‘V’, a new act at IMPAQT. “We can’t tell too much really as some of these things are still in progress. What is important is that we want to be able to be more creative and interactive on stage. How we will do that will be revealed this September.” 

Clockartz will come with their very first album

The debut album of Clockartz will be released on Q-Dance Records, when this will happen is not clear yet. But we can expect an unique show of them at the new Q-dance event IMPAQT.

Cover image from Facebook page Clockartz

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