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Last weekend Coone had a performance at the Dutch event ‘De Tijdmachine’, which translates to ‘The Time Machine’. As the name already suggests the event was all about the best Hardstyle classics. The main stage offered artists like Coone, Psyko Punkz, Wildstylez and Noisecontrollers a chance to play their classics from 2005 – 2011 and area two went back even further.

At 0:00 Coone took the stage and was ready to treat 5000 dedicated fans to an hour filled with his best and favorite classics. Unfortunately the decks had some technical errors that lead to multiple failures during his set. Even though it wasn’t his fault, Coone felt so bad about it that he decided to dedicate a post about it.

“If only I had a Time Machine to turn back my set at “De Tijdmachine” yesterday. First of all, let me explain how important this show was for me…

coone looks back 2
I am a member of the Harder Styles family for more than 14 years, I should know my classics right? Therefore I felt like I needed to prove myself. I almost never prepare for a show, “De Tijdmachine” was an exception. Yeah, I really looked forward to this booking and I was so ready to take each and every time traveller back in time with some of the finest classics.

Thanks for all the tweets and positive messages afterwards. Even though the sound fucked up, I hope you had a good time during my performance.”

We were there during his performance and you could see the joy radiating off his face, when he played tracks like “Crossin’ Over”, “Crank” and “Universal Language”. It seems the 2005 – 2011 Hardstyle is making her return more often, which is something that we can only applaud. Throughout the years Coone has achieved many things in the Hardstyle scene and the period 2005 – 2011 was a great turning point for him.

It’s feels good to see an artist as big as him still respecting his roots and taking the time to give his fans exactly what they desire: his dirty works.

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