Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Hardstyle duo Crisis Era has announced that they are disconnecting themselves from hardstyle. They have removed all posts from their Instagram and started with ‘The New Era’. 

The men from Crisis Era have been busy in the hardstyle scene since 2011. In this time, the duo has released countless of tracks and they got to perform at the biggest festivals and events. Now they have decided to disconnect from hardstyle, so they can produce whatever makes them happy. Via a forum on Reddit they explained:

“The repeating structure in HS is obviously good for DJing, and tracks that get played by big djs do better, then the artists gets bigger, more money in the end bla bla bla… I get it. We aren’t leaving to go to any genre, but we feel like we have to make that disconnection just to be able to make whatever bpm, whatever structure whatever flow we want, and make it enjoyable for us and for you.

We always loved dark and sad melancholic underground vibes, and that’s what we are going to continue to make. We will still put out 150 bpm bangers, but also nice sounding melodic pieces not even meant for DJing. Making this disconnection, we are freeing ourselves from any genre related guilt.

“Whatever BPM, whatever structure, whatever flow we want“

So, Crisis Era will not be leaving the hardstyle scene for another genre, but they will simply release whatever they want. This could be at 150 BPM, but also on a lower and melodic speed. For more information, you can keep an eye on the duo’s Instagram account.

Footage via Facebook-page Crisis Era

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