Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

A week ago, D-Sturb announced that he would come out with a new concept: ‘The Next Level’. We had to wait to find out what it would exactly mean. Now the wait is over: the DJ shared that he has created a brand-new live-act.

The live-act will consist of no less than 6 performances. These shows will each represent one level in D-Sturb his way to “Self-Discovery” and they will be presented during different events.

“Join me, on my journey to self-discovery… 6 levels, 6 challenges, 6 unique performances.”

Level 1: The Dream
Level 2: The Beginning
Level 3: The Breakthrough
Level 4: The Identity
Level 5: The Darkness
Level 6: The Ultimatum

”Let Me Guide You Through the Six Stages of Self-Discovery”

The first two perfomances have been announced already: The Dream will be presented during Supremacy this weekend. The second level, The Beginning, will take place during Shockerz the 15th of December. When the other levels will be shown, is yet to be announced.

Footage via Facebook-page D-Sturb

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