Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

The men from Da Tweekaz have just announced they are taking the next step with their act: 2019 will be all about ‘Tweekalution’.

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The Norwegian duo announced ‘Tweekalution’ via their socials. With this, they want to take the next step with their act. “We proudly present the next step in our evolution for 2019. Tweekalution! New music, new ducks and an evolved experience”, they wrote in their Facebook-post. It’s not clear yet whether Tweekalution will be a new act, or just a new theme of the existing act.

Da Tweekaz present Tweekalution

Earlier, it was also announced Da Tweekaz would get their very own X-Qlusive at the AFAS Live on the 24th of January. Whether Tweekalution will be a part of this as well hasn’t been announced yet, but can be expected. At the moment, the two men are on tour for their ’10 YRS Da Tweekaz’ show, in which they celebrate their anniversary.

Footage via Facebook-page Da Tweekaz

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