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By Wouter de Vink

Decibel outdoor has been a regular fixture in the party agenda for years, but fortunately we can still enjoy the festival at home in these bizarre times. On Saturday, August 22, the harder styles event will air for 7 hours, in which they will look ahead to better times with a decent list of artists and specials: Decibel outdoor 2021!

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Normally tens of thousands of fans from all over the world come to the Beekse Bergen every year, where more than 25 stages can be found spread over three days. Organization B2S announces that you will therefore also see everything from the festival site and is going all out during the ‘STAY LOUD’ stream.

You will be taken back in time with The Pitcher and Panic & Promo during The Sound of Decibel by Desperados and the craziest circus of the Pussy lounge Madness will be present with Paul Elstak, Darkraver, The Viper and Ruthless. Moreover, during STAY LOUD we will also visit the Holy Mainstage, where Brennan Heart, Ran-D and Sub Zero Project will perform, where Frequencerz & Rejecta will provide a unique Sunset Session together as a preview of next year. Radical Redemption and Warface & Rebelion go up a notch in Raw Religion, which B-Front closes with pianist Pleuni with an acoustic intermezzo and a real first. Traditionally, Decibel outdoor ends with a Hardcore Mayhem, with Tha Playah and Deadly Guns. Check out the line-up below!

And this is not all, because Decibel also has a lot of specials on the program. The new merchandise collection will be showcased during the stream with a fashion show on top gear, and even the Decibel outdoor 2021 line-up will be announced that day. And of course the stream ends with a massive end show, as you are used to from the festival.

A lot is going to happen during the Decibel livestream: STAY LOUD!

Moreover, this is the first harder styles stream where the audience is present: these lucky ones were able to win this unique experience last week and attend the recordings. STAY LOUD will be broadcast on the 22nd of August 2020 from 17:00 to 00:00 (CET) and can be viewed via live.b2s.nl“When our basic needs of LIVING LOUD have been taken away, the only way to keep our head up is to STAY LOUD in any way we can!”

Stay Loud line-up:

The Sound of Decibel by Desperados: The Pitcher // Panic & Promo
Partystarter by Desperados: Zany
Pussy lounge Madness: DJ Paul Elstak // The Darkraver // Ruthless // The Viper
Holy Mainstage: Brennan Heart // Ran-D // Sub Zero Project
Sunset Session: Frequencerz & Rejecta
Raw Religion: Warface vs. Rebelion // Radical Redemption
Acoustic Intermezzo: B-Front & Pleuni
Hardcore Mayhem: Tha Playah // Deadly Guns
STAY LOUD tribute: The endshow

Cover image from website B2S / Decibel outdoor

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