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By Michael Diks

Under the Australian sun, we release the energy of Defqon.1!” When the horns roar their thunderous sound over the outskirts of the Blue Mountains, thousands honour their call and march for Sydney’s International Regatta Centre in Penrith. In this final battle only the main objective matters: Defeat never, VICTORY FOREVER! The illustrious Defqon.1 Festival returns once again to serve Australia only the best of what the harder styles in dance music have to offer. Today, Q-Dance unleashed the official Defqon.1 Festival Australia anthem trailer for it’s 2017 edition.

Sydney International Regatta Centre

Ever since 2009 Defqon.1 has taken place at the legendary Sydney Regatta Centre. Situated on an island, surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the Blue Mountains and the lakes where once the Olympic rowing competitions were held. Where once the rowers and canoe competitors battled for eternal glory during the 2000 Olympics, now thousands return with a simular aim: To battle for glory and secure total victory to prove themselves worthy Defqon.1 warriors. With multiple area’s dedicated to the full spectrum of hard dance music, there are enough choices for the warriors to choose their battleground.

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Get yourself immersed in the world that is Defqon.1. Get hyped up for battle with only one goal in mind and step forward to make victory imminent. Charge yourself for conflict and prepare to write history with the 2017 anthem for Defqon.1 Festival Australia. You can watch the full official anthem trailer here:

Defqon.1 Festival Australia Tickets

Tickets for Defqon.1 Australia will go on sale on June 1st. You can register on a special website to qualify for the exclusive holographic ticket sale. Registration closes on May 8th.

• Register for the special Holographic Ticket release now at http://defqon1.com.au/register/
• Regular tickets sales start June 1 at 12:00 AEST at http://defqon1.com.au/


Make sure to stay up to date and get ready for battle. Join the official Defqon.1 Australia event on Facebook.

Relive the 2016 edition to get an idea what Defqon.1 is all about with the official aftermovie.

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