Bas van Herk
By Bas van Herk

As it’s friday the 13th today, it could be so that your day isn’t going as you may have planned. If so, we’ve something that might cheer you up a bit. Every month, Digital Punk comes with a new episode of Unleashed and yes, today is that day. Unleashed 56 has offcially been released and it includes the rawest tracks you’ve waited for. Tracks as ‘Back Again‘ by Crypsis, ‘Hooligan’ by Titan and ‘Break Your Ankles’ by Warforce are featured in this months episode. Also, Radical Redemption’s new tracks, the ones who were uploaded on his Youtube-channel this week, are a part of Unleashed 56 as well. The podcast is previewed here:

”Unleashed Soldiers. This is your monthly fuel! We give you episode 056 of ‘Digital Punk – Unleashed’ with loads of new ammunition to for fill your needs. Tracks by Public Enemies, Gunz For Hire, War Force and Radical Redemption is doing a ‘Road to Redemption’ takeover!”


  1. D-Block & S-te-Fan – In The Dark
  2. Zatox & Sub Zero Project ft. Nikkita – Wake Up
  3. Yellow Claw – City On Lockdown (Crisis Era Remix)
  4. D-Charged – Konstruktion
  5. The Prophet – Welcome To The Club
  6. Crossfight – Cycle Of Revelation
  7. Ran-D & Alpha² – The New Shit (Bass Chaserz Remix)
  8. Crypsis – Back Again
  9. Typhoon – Rise Again
  10. Zany & Ran-D ft. Nikkita – Son Of Torture (Public Enemies Remix)
  11. Ran-D – Inner Child (Kronos Remix)
  12. Titan – Hooligan
  13. Masters Of Ceremony – Rocking With The Best (Degos & Re-Done Remix)
  14. Jack Of Sound – Punchy
  15. Activator – Greta Is Great (Adaro Remix)
  16. Gunz For Hire – Armed & Dangerous
  17. Radical Redemption – Until I Win
  18. Radical Redemption – Just Like You
  19. Radical Redemption – Face First
  20. War Force – Break Your Ankles
  21. Public Enemies – About To Die
  22. D-Sturb & Killshot – I’m Back
  23. E-Force – Kicking Brutal Shit

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