Sharon van der Werf
By Sharon van der Werf

What happens when you combine the characteristic sounds of Devin Wild and The Purge? A track that will linger in your memory for a long time: ‘EUPHORIA’ has been dominating the charts for a full week. In an interview on, Devin Wild and The Purge discuss their first collaboration.

It’s a good year for both Devin Wild and The Purge. Devin Wild, signed with Scantraxx for years, says that working with The Purge was a good step out of his comfort zone. “I always feel happy when I see The Purge. While I am often very serious about music, he can really do things with a wink. That is something I wanted to learn myself.”

The collaboration was also more than successful for The Purge. The Savage Squad DJ describes the collaboration as ‘the best of both worlds’: “I’m a real fan of the quality of Devin Wild’s productions. I think we have made the perfect match between both visions, which has led to a super cool result.”

“This collaboration certainly leaves you wanting more!”

There was an immediate good connection between the two, especially on a personal level. According to Devin Wild, it is therefore certainly possible that another collaboration with The Purge will follow. “We are close to each other with our studios and have lunch together every week, so this collaboration certainly leaves you wanting more!”

Last edition of Qlimax, both The Purge and Devin Wild were on the immense stage. The track ‘EUPHORIA’ was well received there. Devin Wild had incorporated the track into his set, and the audience was already shouting along to the melody. “That is of course always an ultimate goal, so it is fantastic if it actually happens,” he says.

‘EUPHORIA’ by Devin Wild and The Purge can now be streamed on all music platforms. 


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