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By Wouter de Vink

Uptempo fans are warned, because Dimitri K and BKJN Events don’t beat around the bush. The alarming line-up of the solo event Sacrifice Day has finally been revealed: no less than 25+ names have been divided into 4 teams that will perform next to the Fresh New Kicks Master in the huge Breepark.

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When the news of Dimitri K’s solo event was announced last month, the internet was filled with great responses. The career of the cheerful DJ is taking off like a rocket and this is rewarded with the biggest solo uptempo event ever: a milestone for which ticket sales are already booming. “This is not a test.”

Dimitri K has invited a whole arsenal of friends/colleagues who will stand by him during this special day. In 4 unique teams he will do two solo performances, once live with Major Conspiracy and again with Partyraiser vs. Bulletproof and vs. Sickmode. For 10 hours they will battle in the famous Breekpark, to the great pleasure of Dimitri K: “You don’t want to miss this!”

Dimitri K – Sacrifice Day line-up

Dimitri K – Fresh New Kicks LIVE
Dimitri K & Major Conspiracy LIVE
N-Vitral vs. Deadly Guns

Dimitri K vs. Partyraiser vs. Bulletproof
Angernoizer vs. Vieze Asbak vs. Chaotic Hostility

Dimitri K vs. Sickmode
The Dark Horror vs. Trespassed vs. Manifest Destiny
The Dope Doctor presents S.O.S. Live
Soulblast vs. Noxiouz

Dimitri K – The Sacrifice
Vandal!sm vs. Irradiate vs. Satirized
Abaddon vs. Jur Terreur vs. Act Of Madness

The biggest solo uptempo event ever: “This is gonna be an unique experience”

Dimitri K – Sacrifice Day will take place during the day on Saturday the 23rd of September 2023 in the Breepark in Breda. Tickets and more information are available via the official website: be quick, because the Early and First Sacrifice tickets are already completely sold out.


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