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Dimitri K is about to achieve his biggest milestone of his career to date. In collaboration with BKJN Events, the Fresh New Kicks master will organize his own Sacrifice Day in the famous Breepark: the largest solo Uptempo event ever. “People don’t realize how sick this is going to be haha.”

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We speak to Dimitri K in the run-up to his event, while preparations for his Sacrifice Day have been in full swing for months. “For me, making music has always been my greatest passion,” Dimitri K explains about the origins of the idea. He has only been around for two years, but he is already performing on the largest stages in the world.

Dimitri K was immediately sold when he visited the Breepark venue: “That was such a sick party with incredible sound: we are pulling out all the stops for this”

“I thought it would be epic to organize my own event,” continues the only 25-year-old Uptempo DJ. “I have previously visited a lot of parties myself and I was able to experience a party in the Breepark called Operation Core. I thought this was such a sick party with incredible sound! Unfortunately, there has never been a hardcore event after this. So it seemed like a good idea to me. Very cool idea to do something with this and pull out all the stops to make this the biggest event in the Uptempo scene.”


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The Sacrifice Day line-up has 25+ of the hardest artists, divided into 4 unique teams, each with their own twist. “The theme is inspired by The Purge films,” explains Dimitri K. The five-part American thriller is world famous for its concept and can also be seen on Saturday the 23rd of September. “I think this brings a really cool atmosphere to a party that is related to our music genre. Lately I think that people sometimes hold back too much, because of the feeling that the security is too tight, or that people look at them strangely when they are going wild. That’s why the idea is that after the alarm everyone will enjoy themselves with their friends and party the old-fashioned way – like it should be! Give everything until Sacrifice Day is over.”

Lots of new Dimitri K music: “To make it even more insane, I invited a lot of artists for huge battles”

It’s time to go full throttle, because the line-up is very diverse for an Uptempo event. Dimitri K: “The approach was to create a lot of diversity. With artists who have their own sound and are creative in producing new things. To make it even more insane, I invited a lot of artists for huge battles, so that everyone gets the feeling that they have heard everything. I personally cannot listen to Uptempo all evening where artists play one tone and I think many people agree with me.”

Good news for the fans, because they can expect a lot of new music from Dimitri K. “Both new sound and old sound. Many people know that I want to play exclusively and look for fresh new kicks to surprise people. I also love the sound I started with – which was very new for everyone in 2019-2020 This combination is the perfect style for me. I also have great battles ready for you that I will prepare together with the artists to exceed all expectations.”


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“People don’t realize how sick Sacrifice Day is going to be haha”

We can expect a lot not only in terms of music and the enormous line-up: Dimitri K and BKJN will also go all out in terms of shows, Dimitri already reveals. “This is going to be an event that people will remember for a long time. The entire BKJN team and I are doing everything we can to put on the biggest and biggest party of the year in our Uptempo scene. And the vibe is always good, but here I expect it to be next level! People don’t realize how sick this is going to be haha. The event is during the day so everyone can be fit to party!”

BKJN is known for its big show moments. Can Dimitri reveal a little bit about what they plan to do with him during Sacrifice Day? “For sure!”, says the man of the hour. “We have a stage and show that have never been done before at an Uptempo event, and I am sure we will surprise everyone with this… I can’t reveal too much about it yet, but you can most definitely expect a lot of show moments.”

Dimitri K – Sacrifice Day will take place from 14:00 to 00:00 on Saturday the 23rd of September 2023 at the Breepark in Breda. For the latest tickets and more information, visit the official website.

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