Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Leading up to his brand-new album Medication Time, Dr. Peacock has been releasing several ‘doses’ for a while now – that serve as musical medicine. Another unique videoclip has just been added to this impressive line: ‘Drink’ is a collaboration with D-Frek and recorded completely in Peaky Blinders style, in which the gentlemen take you into their love for the 1920s and… beer!

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22 tracks in June 2022: that’s what Dr. Peacock announced early this year. Although the doctor is still being a bit of a mystery about the exact release date, fans will undoubtedly be able to indulge in a new musical collection soon. With previously released tracks ‘Influenceur’, ‘Trip to Latvia’, ‘Illusion of Time’ and ‘Peacock in Babylon’ (that have already collected millions of streams), the tone of the album has been set – and it promises a lot of good for many frenchcore fanatics.

The latest musical dose of the album has just been presented: a unique videoclip in which Dr. Peacock & D-Frek really pulled out all the stops! Cigars, beer, rum and fights are flying around you in this release and if you are a Peaky Blinders or Alestorm lover, you definitely want to see this one. The doctor already presented the track yesterday during a special Medication Time Set at SLAM! (Dutch national radio), where the chat also exploded after an exclusive sneak preview of the upcoming album.

“We can’t wait for you to see a very special videoclip with D-Frek where we take you along in our love for the 20’s and… BEER!”

The music video has just premiered on Dr. Peacock’s channel and can be viewed here. The track will be released on Spotify and other streaming platforms this Sunday at 00:00 CET and can be pre-saved here. For more information about the upcoming Medication Time album, keep an eye on his socials! https://youtu.be/QZhSFzs24Jo Footage taken from Facebook page Dr. Peacock

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