Laurens van Beers
By Laurens van Beers

E-Force, who revealed to be working on his very own album a while ago, has been very busy with several collabs lately. Recently he posted pictures of him with Warface, Jack of Sound and even Psyko Punkz working in the studio together. It promised to be a very diverse album, with a raw and dark E-Force touch.

One of his tracks, ‘Illusion’, recently became a big hit and immediately set the tone for everything still to come. But it didn’t end there, because his tracks after that, ‘Gods’ and ‘F*ck This Nation’ were also instant crowd pleasers.

Now he can add another name to his lists of collabs, because a picture of him together with Polish raw hero Regain appeared on his Instagram page. “Today in the studio with Regain! It’s gonna be massive!” Regain has been doing very well lately. Only recently he premiered his remix of ‘Wildstylez & Alpha2 – Breathe’ which, apart from the vocals, is nothing like the original. Let’s hope we get to hear a preview soon!

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