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E-Force can be added to the list of artists that have confirmed to be working on an album. This list consists of artists like Audiofreq, High Voltage, Titan, Rebelion, Coone and E-Force himself.

During a livestream he revealed that he’s working hard to finish it. There had been speculations going around, but now it’s official. It’s not yet known when the album will be released. During the livestream E-Force revealed several details about the album, like the fact that it will feature about 20 tracks, the E-Force & Adaro remix of ‘Warface – FTP’ and a Hardcore track.

Collaborations galore
But that’s not the only thing he announced, because E-Force also stated that his album will contain a large number of collaborations. He has made tracks with Psyko Punkz, Luna, Regain, Jack of Sound, Bass Chaserz, Warface, Radical Redemption and Frequencerz. Besides that he’s going to collaborate with Sub Sonik and B-Front.

Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long to get more information about his first album, but until that time we still have a lot of other E-Force music to enjoy.

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