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By Tim Bekkering

Last weekend, the second Live For This event took place in the AFAS Live. During this sold-out show – which was hosted by Warface and D-Sturb – there was also an End of Line live set on the line-up. During this set, none other than E-Force joined the familiar faces of the label on stage, and now it’s clear why: he is the newest member of the End of Line label.

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End of Line was founded in 2014 and in addition to Artifact, Bloodlust, Delete, D-Sturb, Killshot and Warface, E-Force is now also joining the label: this was announced during the Live For This event that took place last weekend. Via the socials, End of Line said that they are extremely happy with the newest member: “Words can’t explain how thrilled we are to have the absolute legend of E-Force on our label. He has joined End of Line!”, The DJ himself also expressed his delight with this new step in his career: “I’m so happy to have joined End of Line! I have a great bond with all the guys on the label and I’m so excited to take this next step in my career.”

E-Force is certainly no stranger to many of the End of Line artists and has collaborated with DJs on the label for several times in the past. He formed the live act Warforce together with Warface, with which they also released an album called Face The Force in 2017. Besides that, he made tracks like ‘Once Again’ and ‘Cut Your Lungs Out’ with D-Sturb and he released ‘Locked Up’ and ‘Pleasure & Pain’ in collaboration with Delete. With this switch, E-Force is saying goodbye to Scantraxx and will from now on release its music at End of Line Recordings.

E-Force: “My first release on the label will land at the beginning of 2020, be ready!”

In addition to the fact that E-Force says that he is extremely happy with this new step in his career, he also indicates that his first release at End of Line will come at the beginning of next year. For more information about this release, keep an eye on the socials of End of Line Recordings and E-Force.

Footage via Facebook-page End of Line

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