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By Bob Ligthart

The record label that is home to Artifact, D-Sturb, Delete, Killshot and Warface has been reinforced with a new member: Bloodlust. The latest addition has been around in the scene for a couple of years already under the alias Magnificent, but now he’s re-launched his career alongside a new name and a fresh concept.

In 2012, Manji Deckers started producing euphoric hardstyle. He quickly realized that the harder, rougher side worked better for him and so he went that way. After a couple of years as Magnificent, it’s now time for Bloodlust and that means a whole new persona.

“When I hear the name Bloodlust, I immediately think of Katana’s, Ninja’s, Samurais and the old Japanese culture. This is something that really appeals me”, says Bloodlust. “Ninjas and Samurais are fascinating to me, because it radiates honor and strength. I remember well that I liked to go outside and play as Ninja in my childhood. Those were probably the first steps of becoming Bloodlust, haha.

“After that track, End of Line offered me to sign”

Under his Magnificent alias, he had already released tunes such as ‘Wanna Play’ and ‘Hypnotized’ on End of Line’s ‘Rookie’ EP’s. After that, he stayed in touch with the label and informed the Warface guys, as well as the EoL label manager when he had a new track or setup. “When I delivered ‘Imma Boss’, the reactions were so enthusiastic from both sides. They offered me a place on End of Line, with this track as the very first release”, says Bloodlust enthusiastically.

The DJ and record label agreed that the name Magnificent wasn’t strong enough and needed an upgrade. From then on, Manji started to write the entire Bloodlust concept. Eventually, he presented his project to End of Line: “Switching to Bloodlust is for me the best decision I have ever made throughout my career.”

“My sound fits the best in the harder part of the hardstyle scene”

Bloodlust fits End of Line, as his objective is to release hard-hitting Raw Hardstyle. He says this (sub)genre fits him best and he likes it the most. That doesn’t mean there aren’t melodic drops in his tracks, since we’re gonna hear that enough in the future. The new addition of End of Line noticed different styles of hardstyle change relatively. “I’m glad raw and euphoric have grown towards each other. You notice producers at the euphoric side make some harder mid intros and kicks nowadays, while the raw artists are working more with melodies now then before”, according to the new End of Line DJ.

“Catchy rhythms and melodies, hard sound and feeling, very much drive, experimental, but still a bit melodic”, that’s how Bloodlust describes his music. He thinks this elements are really important in a track, since it’s important the crowd can go crazy. Bloodlust doesn’t compare himself with other artists, but he liked to see his track ‘Imma Boss’ got linked to other great producers. “It makes me proud that people thought that producers as Warface, D-Sturb, Rejecta or Radical Redemption were responsible for my track.”

“The first release is already planned and after that, new music is following soon”

The first release at End of Line is already planned, since ‘Imma Boss’ comes out on the 18th of April. “I’ve also made a very cool clip for this release, which will go online around that date.” The release is not the only thing that’s planned, also his first performance as Bloodlust is fixed. It’s right one of the bigger events, since he plays at Intents Festival for the first time under his new name.

“This is one of my favorite festivals, because I traditionally go an entire weekend to this event for years with my friends”, says the raw hardstyle producer. He also thinks it will be a bit weird to start his Bloodlust adventure here, but he’s very grateful to Intents Festival for this opportunity. To develop the real Bloodlust concept with show elements is still one of his future plans, but he’s working really hard on it. “First there will be more music, which will come pretty soon after ‘Imma Boss’.”

“Supremacy, Defqon.1 and Decibel are really high on my bucket list”

Bloodlust has set a couple of goals he wants to achieve in the future. Above everything, he wants to make people happy with his music. In addition he has a couple of events where he ever want to perform, Supremacy, Defqon.1 and Decibel Outdoor are really high on his bucket list. Also an own event with an album release is something he wants really bad in the future.

We’re definitely gonna hear much from Bloodlust in the future. For more information about this new artist, go to his Facebook page.

Photo by Facebook page End of Line

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