Timo van Dommelen
By Timo van Dommelen

E-Force and Radical Redemption are once again back in the studio together. Through different social media channels these gentleman let us know that they have been working all night on their new collab and that they finished it this morning.

This isn’t the first time these top DJ’s have been in the studio together. For Radicals second album called The Spell of Sin, and his third album called The One Man Army, a collab was created. Their first collab was called ‘In The House’ and their second one got the name ‘Release The Fear’.

So this is the third collab between E-Force and Radical Redemption and this time it will be featured on the new album from E-Force called The Edge of Insanity, which will be his debut album. E-Force brought us the news about their nightly session in the studio via Instagram:  “When you were sleeping we created a new track in the studio!! Brutal Forces are coming your way! #edgeofinsanity”

E-Force has been very busy lately working in the studio with other artists. In the past two months he has been working on tracks together with Psyko Punkz, D-Sturb, Delete, RVAGE, Tha Playah and with the rest of this years team Red from Hard Bass, Rebelion and Warface. whether all of these collabs will be featured on his new album is still unclear. We will find out on the 15th of April when his album is going to be released.

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