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By Thomas Sterks

Are you going to a festival camping but not sure what to bring along? Use this festival camping checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything! This list includes all the essential items that you shouldn’t forget to pack before you go to the festival camping. If you have any suggestions for the festival camping checklist, please let us know!


• Tickets (+ parking tickets)
• Identification
• Money and other payment methods
TIP: Put your valuables in a safety deposit box at the campsite. This way they are always safe.


• Tent
• Plastic sheet
• Air mattress(es) + fitted sheet(s)
• Pump
• Sleep pillow
• Sleeping bag / blanket
• Herring (+ hammer)
• Padlock (to close your tent properly)
• Garbage bags
• Folding seats and folding table
• Game or stack of cards for entertainment during hours you spend on the campsite
TIP: Don’t forget to pack tape and tie wraps. Now you can solve every technical problem!


• Warm weather clothing (shirts, shorts, skirts, etc.)
• Cold weather clothing (sweaters, vests, jackets, etc.)
• Underwear and socks
• Sleepwear
• Extra pair of shoes
• Towels
• Hanger to easily hang your clothes while you take a shower
• Ponchos
• Pet/cap
• Flip flops
TIP: Place some of your clothes in a locker. This way you are sure it stays dry.


• Nutricious food (raisin dumplings, egg cakes, sugarbread and canned food such as frankfurters or soup)
• 4,5 liters of liquor (beer, wine, Red Bull and maybe some fruit juice for the morning)
• Chewing gum and any other sweets
• Plastic cutlery, cups and plates
• BBQ supplies (see section ‘BBQ’ at the bottom of this Festival camping checklist)
TIP: Make sure you use a plastic bottle to take your liquor with you. You can refill this bottle later and use it to wash your hands for example.


• Toothbrush (and toothpaste)
• Shampoo and shower gel
• Make-up and remover
• Hair gel
• Hairspray
• Deodorant
• Toilet paper
• Lenses / (sun) glasses (+ lens case and fluid)
• Medications
• Shaving equipment
• Lip balm
• Anti-mosquito
• Earplugs (day and night)
• Sleeping mask
• Wet wipes
TIP: Take a small mirror with you.


• Telephone (+ charger)
• Power Bank
• Camera
• Small music speakers
• Flashlight (+ batteries)
• Trolley
• CD / music for in the car


• Disposable BBQ or gas stove with grill / pan
• Meat
• Can opener
• Freezer bag
TIP: Buy your meat and other food a day in advance and keep it frozen until you leave home. You can also keep it in a cooler with ice packs. The meat will be good to eat untill the evening.

BONUS TIP: If you’re cold at night, wearing a lot of layers of clothing isn’t the way to stay warm. This way your sleeping bag will not get warm. The best way to get warm is to wear just a shirt and hotpants or underwear. First it will be cold, but you will notice that during the night it will be nice and warm.

Suggestions for the festival camping checklist

Are you an experienced weekend warrior en do you have any suggestions for the festival camping checklist? Please let us know in the comments, so we can add it to the checklist. If you have a lot of experience with life on a festival camping, share your most important tips with your fellow festival-goers. This way everybody can start their carefree weekend!


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