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By Wouter de Vink

The Gearbox Digital team comes up with a brand new concept including strong USPs called Route 666. The label basically brings RAW to your front door: with extensive sets, an intimate setting and all of this for an affordable price.

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Gearbox sold out the big AFAS Live in Amsterdam last year, but is still closely connected to the underground parties. However, they have recently seen a worrying trend within hardstyle. “Rising ticket prices and the closing of many small to medium sized event venues has put immense pressure on the scene, which doesn’t allow for a healthy breeding ground for new talent”, says the label. That is why it is now coming up with a new initiative to continue helping artists.

“The ‘Gearbox Family’ have grown together from underground to mainstage”

Route 666 is the concept that travels around to offer an accessible harder styles event to (new) fans throughout the Netherlands and abroad. The event in Eindhoven has been announced this week, which will feature special Evolution sets from Rebelion who will take you from older tracks to new and Luminite & Thyron that will perform Gearbox’s history and present. You will also find Mutilator and Aversion here, plus the battles of Element vs. Exproz and Fraw vs. Dual Damage. Check out the full line-ups of the first events below.

“The idea behind the extended sets is to offer freedom to the artists to take fans on an unexpected journey. Giving them the chance to play classics, support upcoming talents, play tracks from other artists, and drop completely unexpected bangers to give fans the fullest experience of their favorite DJs.”

Route 666 is protecting fans’ wallets: affordable and accessible events

The first edition of Gearbox presents Route 666 is scheduled for June 30 in the famous Bootshaus in Germany and the first Dutch edition will take place on October 21 in Vibes Eindhoven (former Beursgebouw). Tickets are available through the label’s official website: more than half of the tickets have already been sold in the first day of sale. More events near you will be announced later.

Cologne [DE], 30 June 2023

Cybergore (So Juice b2b Deezl)
Riot Shift
Sins Of Insanity b2b Spectre
The Straikerz
Hosted by MC Focus

Eindhoven, 21 October 2023

REBELION (Evolution Set)
BMBERJCK vs Sparkz
Element vs Exproz
Fraw vs Dual Damage
Luminite & Thyron (Gearbox Evolution Set)
Hosted by Mc Focus

Footage taken from Facebook page Gearbox Digital

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