Hard News
By Hard News

The infectiously energetic Australian needs no introduction to the hardstyle scene, being one of the most recognisable and passionate artists to date. Audiofreq is the culmination of Sam’s immense drive and yearning to create. His album ‘Audioception’ is a perfect example of that drive.

For the past few months Audiofreq has also been the face of the popular HARDwithSTYLE podcast, which was originally started by Headhunterz. Sam is also part of the duo Bioweapon, that recently announced their return. Today is his birthday, which seemed like a proper moment to appreciate some of his greatest work. Happy birthday Sam!

1. Audiofreq – Tear U Down

2. Audiofreq – Lose Control 2.0

3. Audiofreq – Breakout (& Headhunterz)

4. Audiofreq – Helix

5. Audiofreq – Into the Jungle

6. Audiofreq – Bassface (& ACTI)

7. Audiofreq – Back To the Underground (& Zatox)

8. Audiofreq – Welcome To the Future

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