Feije Tinnevelt
By Feije Tinnevelt

In October of 2017, Audiofreq informed his fans about the fact that he felt burned out. Since he released his album Audiology, he felt empty. Because of this, he wanted to take a break. During this break he would charge up and find back his creativity. For a long time, this was the only sign of freq-life we had. ‘Til a picture showed up on Audiofreq’s Instagram: a picture of him in his studio with the text “Back where I belong”.

Even though this is music to the ears of Audiofreq’s fans, there is a flipside to this announcement. Ofcourse, it is amazing to hear that Sam has been doing well, as a burn-out is awful. The question is whether this hardstyle-genius will return to hardstyle. The dj/producer has always explored multiple genres, not just hardstyle. His albums were filled with musical field-trips to genres like drum & bass. Now the hardstylefuture of Audiofreq seems unsure.

“My music is a direct result of a musician trying to fit in”

On Twitter, the artist let his fans know he’s not sure about his future in hardstyle. Not only did he explain he felt like he didn’t belong in the scene, he’s also tired of adapting to an apperantly indifferent audience. For now, it’s unsure whether Sam will return to the music industry.

Coverpicture through Instagram Audiofreq

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