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Joram Metekohy aka Wildstylez is a name that every hardstyle fan will know. He travels around the world to showcase his sound to a massive amount of people. Only recently he released his first album, called ‘Lose Control’.

In 2016 Wildstylez wants to bring back the ‘old’ sound more. Besides that he also wants to experiment and go deeper into his search for what lies beyond in our musical world. But it’s also his birthday today! A fine opportunity to take a moment and appreciate some of his most meaningful tracks. Enjoy.

#1 | Wildstylez & Headhunterz – Blame It On The Music

#2 | Wildstylez – Revenge

#3 | Wildstylez – Music or Noize

#4 | Wildstylez – In & Out

#5 | Wildstylez – Delay Distortion

#6 | Wildstylez – Back to Basics

#7 | Wildstylez – Timeless

#8 | Wildstylez & Zany ft. MC DV8 – Ready to Go

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