Timo van Dommelen
By Timo van Dommelen

Last Saturday, Hard Driver introduced his brand new live act during Reverze. Hard Driver was responsible for this years anthem as well, called ‘Interconnected’ and played a 45 minute liveset. 30 minutes into his set he disappeared off-stage and the music got cut off. A dark voice took over the arena and told the following story:

“In a time where conflicting styles and opinions exist, one individual takes a stand. In this very location six years ago, where he first embarked on his journey. He enters the arena once more, taking on another form. The moment has now come were we venture into a new experience in audio evolution. Open your eyes and surrender your mind to the power of Hard Driver.”

After that, Hard Driver returned on-stage wearing a black hoodie and a black mask that covered his face. As many of you probably know, Hard Driver wore a helmet during the first stage of his career. In 2013 he revealed himself to his fans at Reverze and this year he decided that the Belgian crowd deserved another premier: his brand new live act.

hard-driver-live-actDuring the last 15 minutes of his set he played a mix of new and existing tracks. Tracks like ‘The Party never Dies’ (with Adaro), ‘Choppin’ Boddies’ (with Radical Redemption) and ‘#NOSLEEP’ blasted through the speakers of the Sportpaleis in Antwerp. During the first 30 minutes of his live act the crowd went crazy on tracks like ‘To The Bone’, ‘Pow’ and ‘It’s All In The Game’ (with Coone).

One of his new tracks, of which the name is not yet known, made the crowd really go insane. These are the lyrics of this new mysterious track: “When I open my eyes all I see is greed and lies. The anger grows inside me, the shit that you despise. So I step into a world of crime, take what is mine. Rob, Steal, Murder, Kill, do it for the thrill”. 

Photo’s: Reverze

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