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By Philip Vukancic

A new city, a new event and a fresh breath of air for hardstyle lovers. Hardmission announces its name in the scene in Australia for lovers of the harder styles to celebrate under a new flag hoisted by Evolution Events, “We’re sincerely grateful for all your amazing feedback – your enthusiasm fuels our motivation and passion for the next one!”

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With editions in Prague and Bangkok, it was time for Hardmission to set its eyes on a new target – Australia. With a hiatus of the popular hard dance genre in Australia for some years, and festivals only being delivered by promotors such as HSU, it was time to embark on a new experience for both festival goers and the host.

In its first ever Australian edition, with 10.000 + visitors, Hardmission has solidified itself as the next major festival to entertain the ravers. Taking on the hard task of setting a high standard on its debut, the organization has achieved a feat not many others have been able to do since 2018.

“Welcome to Hardmission: The Prophecy”

When it comes to festivals in Australia, for being so far away, the crowd from down under are very vocal about lineups. Being a one stage event, the attendees know what they want; the most euphoric melodies, the hardest kicks, the filthiest screeches and the fastest tempo is what is on the menu – with the progressive lineup delivering all expectations.

hardmission australia

Playing as a local is never easy especially with a stacked international lineup, but the likes of Overdrive and Colin Hennerz managed to do what they know best: start the party! With high energy and an eager crowd, the dancefloors filled, electrifying and energizing all in attendance.

“TNT had 10.000 people moving, dancing and jumping to every song”

A debut for a new festival is never easy, but for artists a new crowd is a big test and Sephyx passed with flying colours and will surely be added to playlists across Australia. Defqon.1 anthem creators Sound Rush had voices lost early into the day with their sing along and had the crowd engaged for the whole set. Being a long-time listener of hardstyle, seeing TNT on a lineup brings a smile from ear to ear, the iconic legends had 10.000 people moving, dancing and jumping to every song, something not seen down under for some classical tunes.

Australia likes their music hard, and the debut of Dreamscape down-under showed the crowd what klaplong and gated kicks is all about in the motherland! Krowdexx and their unique style delivered melting kicks to the crowd and really showed their talent to a new scene on a big stage. The Homegrown Hero, Anderex, put on display what can only be described as a rainbow of kicks, much to the delight of Aussie fans. For those who weren’t fortunate enough to see him live, you are in for a big treat the next time you see him.

Riot Shift’s Dystopia brought the best of both worlds with an omnia of kicks and euphoric breakdowns, the German duo are becoming a high demand act in Australia. With two queens of hardcore being honored with ending the first edition of Hardmission, Anime brought out the hardcore progression and delivered a set showcasing the 180+ bpm side of life. Miss K8 graced the tent with fast paced brutal kicks, and closed off in style with new edits timeless classics and made sure no raver was left unhappy.

The team at Hardmission works close with the hardstyle scene in Australia, and knows what a raver needs for the day, bringing European event vibes to Melbourne’s Flemington racecourse. The delight of many attendees has people wanting more one stage events more frequently from all over the world. Has Hardmission opened the floodgates for organizations to grace Australian shores? We can only wait to see what 2024 brings down under!

Hardmission’s next stop is the o2 universum in Prague on the 2nd of February. For more information, check out this article or the official website.

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