Peter de Valck
By Peter de Valck

Sunday the 26th of June 2016 will remain forever engraved on the memory of the hardstyle humanity. It was that day the one and only Headhunterz came back ‘home’ at the Defqon.1 mainstage as one of the Defqon Legends. He brought the audience to ecstasy. People couldn’t believe Mr. Heady was performing on stage. The most visitors became intensely euphoric and some of these fanatics dropped tears of extraordinary happiness.

In an interview with Partyscene at WiSH Outdoor Willem Rebergen came up with a number of interesting statements.

Actually, when Willem had left the scene, he realized how beautiful the world of hardstyle is.

“The most beautiful thing about hardstyle is unity. This unity goes beyond limits. I am happy a new world has opened up for me in the studio. But the hardstyle family, the solidarity, you won’t find anywhere else.

But still the 30-year-old dj and producer from Veenendaal moved to the House scene.

“I just wasn’t ready to say: this is it. I am too curious, I want to face new challenges. I had the feeling I squeezed every last drop out in the studio. And every year I did the same thing at events. I feel young, but my passion and drive is to learn, learning new things and climbing new mountains. So, I decided to take a different direction.”

When he decided to make a career move, social media exploded. A lot of things dropped down on his head and it still happens today…

“Yes, that’s also a high mountain which I am still climbing. I mean, you just get a shitload of criticizing reactions. People have all different opinions what you are doing, all kinds of assumptions. For me it’s a big challenge to deal with. The best I can do, is to see this as a valuable life lesson and accept people always have an opinion. I know my intentions are good, that’s what counts.

The most beautiful moment of his wonderful career he experienced not so long ago…
Headhunterz mentions Sunday the 26 of June at Defqon.1 on the Red mainstage as his moment suprême.

“I was asked to perform as one of the Defqon.1 Legends. In the first place I was a little bit doubtful, because  I am trying to release myself from the image I only can do hardstyle. So far, I am doing a pretty good job. But there is an amount of people which keeps screaming, that’s really hard sometimes. On the other hand I’ve had such a wonderful time, I’ve had such beautiful memories with Q-dance and this year they came up with the question: would you do it, again?

“I thought; fuck it! I just do it. I’ve done it and it was a complete surprise for the crowd. There were some speculations before, but they never expected it was going to happen. At that moment something happened I never imagined it would happen. I saw men burst into tears… I can not accept that I did something that touched so many people so deeply. I still don’t get it, but apparently it is. I am so grateful for this. Honestly, I have to tell you, since that day I have lived in a state of euphoria and I still am!

When they asked him, he has plans to attend more hardstyle in the future, Willem replied:

“When you have had such a peak experience, you just want to relive it once again. I have obviously taken a new path, but never say never! I am so grateful for the experiences at Defqon.1, but let’s keep it special. We’ll see what happens!



  • René Schedling 13 July 2016 - 14:51

    It was an great Moment Too See him for the First time ever

  • Kevin 13 July 2016 - 15:26

    What a set!!!!!!!!!!! Come back to hardstyle Heady ! :)

  • PsykoSoldier 21 July 2016 - 12:48

    He Heady, Just want to say, it was a great privilege to have seen you live @ Defqon.1, you are despite what others say a true absolute legend, and just think what the Psyko Punkz said: F#ck your disrepect


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