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At the beginning of 2014 Headhunterz posted a video on his Facebook page to thank his fans for all their support throughout the years and all the things that he could do, partly because of them. The video went all over the world, because however many people already felt it coming, it was still a shock for a lot of fans that he said goodbye to the hardstyle scene.

Of course he didn’t completely say goodbye, because somewhere in the back of his heart it was still beating at 150 bpm. But he felt like it was time to make the next step in his journey. It felt bad to let him go, but we wished him nothing but good luck and happiness on his trip.

Unfortunately not everyone agreed and Willem (Headhunterz) had to deal with a lot of negative response from his fans. It can’t be easy to bear all that negative energy, so he was deeply touched (obviously). He met his fans multiple times by explaining to them why he made this decision.

headhunterz laatste eerbetoon
Now, almost two years later, there are still a lot of fans that would love to see him ‘back’ in the Hardstyle scene. Maybe it was the ‘Christmas spirit’, but Headhunterz decided to talk to his Hardstyle fans one last time.

“I am not talented or specially gifted. I’m good at learning. I am fascinated by the learning process and I love it. I’m persistent when I want something, I’m passionate and curious. Learning and discovering is what I love doing. And when I stop feeling like that, that is when I know I have to move on. Last year I decided to make that change and before we end 2015 and make a fresh start, I want to have this said.

Dear hardstyle community, I want to say that I don’t want to interpret my change as a goodbye even though I understand it must have felt like that for people that had gotten used to me making a very specific sound for a long time. For me music is not about bpm’s, it’s really about expression of emotions and sharing it with people who resonate with it, and I have never stopped doing that.

I hope you will stick around while I keep walking my path, while I fall and get up and learn how to live my life, and translate that into music. And if not then I wish you all the best in your life. Sorry if you have ever felt like I left you in the dark. I am forever thankful for the memories we have, and those are timeless.”

headhunterz music old new
Everything about this post shows that Headhunterz is still having trouble with fans not respecting his choice, but he hopes that this helps them to finally let go and accept it. It’s a big deal to build up something for years, both in fans and music, and suddenly decide to do something completely different. Fans only see the final decision, but all the doubt and uncertainty is not visible.

Besides that it’s nice to see that he used his old released “Aiming For Ur Brain” and “Victim of My Rage” in the photo that he used with the post (above). It’s without a doubt that Headhunterz played a big part in the creation of the modern Hardstyle scene. So instead of ‘mourning’ for his musical decision, we should honor him for all the beautiful moments that he brought us.

Willem, we wish you all the best with whatever you decide to do in 2016. And if you ever feel the need to take a peek at our beautiful scene again, the door will always be open!


  • Hardstyle raver 28 December 2015 - 18:27

    ….. of headhunterz

  • Rising Star 29 December 2015 - 22:53

    Heady together with Wildstylez aka Project One brought me into the Hardstyle world, when i first heard of “The Art of Creation” i was breathless…i followed them in the past and will still do it in the future…
    When he decided to leave our favorite genre i was shocked, the legend that threw me into that magnificent world was going to take another path…
    I was sad, i mean all the fans he had were sad, that’s the reason why this article was written.
    But i understood he was not happy with that anymore, imagine yourself doing something you don’t want to do… quite like “forced”.
    That’s pretty frustrating.
    I have to thank Heady for all the things he made.
    But we have to accept changes, because change is the only sure thing we have in this life.
    There are soooooo many good producers around building their path to become legends, some of them are more talented than Heady actually.
    Just accept the change and live free :P

  • Patricia 20 May 2019 - 05:31

    One word : Daebak


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