Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

The coronavirus has been causing a lot of turmoil in the festival scene. Since pretty much everyone is sitting at home right now, the Heart for Hard team has been working on a creative alternative to still make planned live sets scheduled before the 1st of June take place! 

In this way, fans will still be able to witness or relive the live acts from Regain, Neroz and Udex in a three-dimensional digital world. Udex at REBiRTH Festival is the first to take place: “If we can’t visit the real world, I will create a world where we can.”

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Heart for Hard is known for creating full 3D worlds and storylines to support releases from signed artists. Earlier we were already introduced to Udex’ Corrupted world in which artificial intelligence took over, and to Regain travelling from world to world since his first album Point of No Return. This time, they are taking it to the next level.

“If we can’t visit the real world, I will create a world where we can”

Starting the 11th of April, Heart for Hard will collaborate with YouTube to create a unique three-dimensional environment in which people can interactively witness the planned live acts. Udex explains a little more about how this system works: “Over the last couple of weeks we have been very busy with the development. You’ll really get the feeling as if you’re a part of this world. You step into a 3D simulation, which you can slightly recognize from the preview videos of my latest album.” The following sets are already scheduled to take place:

Udex LIVE – REBiRTH Festival 3D
Regain vs Neroz LIVE – Shockerz 2019 3D
Neroz LIVE – Emporium 3D

Follow the social media of Heart for Hard and its artists to be kept updated on the latest news. For all upcoming performances the organisation has created events, which you can find here: “Let’s meet each other in this Digital World!”

Udex LIVE - REBiRTH Festival 3D Heart for Hard

Footage via Facebook-page Heart for Hard

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