Hard News
By Hard News

2016 has started, which means that many artists and labels would like to look back at the past year one last time, so see what they have achieved. Especially for that occasion they create smashing Yearmixes.

We searched the entire internet to find as many as possible and made a list, which you can check out below. Have fun!

HARDwithSTYLE Yearmix (Audiofreq)

WE R Hardstyle Yearmix (Brennan Heart)

Unleashed Yearmix (Digital Punk)

Spoontech Records Yearmix

Fusion Records Yearmix (Shellshock & Nightfall)

The Magic Show Yearmix

LOUDER Yearmix (The Prophet)

Global Dedication Yearmix (Coone)

Theracords Yearmix (DJ Thera)

XXlerator Yearmix (Villain)

A-lusion Yearmix

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