Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

On Saturday the 3rd of August, Killshot will perform at the grand AIRFORCE Festival for the 3rd year in a row. This edition will be even more special to him, since he’s also responsible for the anthem ‘Connected As One’ together with none other than Nolz. We talked to Stan about his anthem, Killshot LIVE and the new direction AIRFORCE is heading. 

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The brand new track ‘Connected As One’ represents Killshot his very first anthem. For Stan it was very important to pass on the summer feeling. “Even though it probably isn’t the first thing people would expect from me – or AIRFORCE – it was very important to me to have a summer feeling in this festival anthem, along with a sick melody.”

“After pondering and turning I decided to go with Nolz for the vocals, and he said yes immediately!”

For Killshot producing this anthem actually went very smoothly. “In comparison to a ‘normal track’ I believe an anthem has to portray the true festival feeling. But, I finished the melody quite quickly and everything else followed soon.” After this it was time for the vocals on the anthem. “Sometimes it can be hard to make the vocals fit properly, but I do believe we made it work greatly in this collaboration.”

Because, for ‘Connected As One’ Killshot has worked together with none other than Nolz, who of course already has a lot of experience when it comes to creating anthems. “It was very difficult to decide on the right person to do the vocals. After pondering and turning I decided to go with Nolz for the vocals, and he said yes immediately!The collaboration between the two gentlemen is very nice, according to Stan. “We are of course very familiar with each other after ‘Rauwdouwer’ and ‘Beastmode 2.0’.”

“The previous anthems are very good, but I did stick to my own style”

Earlier AIRFORCE anthems are ‘Order of Hostility’ by Angerfist & Radical Redemption, ‘Warfare’ by Tha Playah & E-Force ft. Nolz and ‘Unified Demolition’ by Nosferatu & Public Enemies; each a collab between a raw hardstyle and hardcore artist. For this edition something has changed, since Killshot alone is responsible for the anthem: “AIRFORCE has gone into a whole new direction, and you can see this through the anthem. I do believe it came as a surpirse to many people.”

Even though Stan thinks the previous anthems are great, he didn’t try to get much inspiration from them. This because AIRFORCE decided to change things up this time. “The other anthems are very different from ‘Connected As One’. I did not try to combine different musical styles, but I sticked to my own style.”

“The ALLSTARS mainstage is unique: here all the musical styles come together”

2019 will ‘only’ be the 4th edition of AIRFORCE, which makes it a relatively new festival within the scene. At the festival, you’ll find 6 stages, varying with musical styles from raw hardstyle until hardcore. “AIRFORCE is unique in comparison to other festivals because of its location: the military airport Twenthe. This creates another type of experience, and I think it’s really dope!


Also the ALLSTARS Mainstage, which will be introduced for the very first time this year, is a reason to visit AIRFORCE accoding to Killshot. “This stage will offer all musical styles: from freestyle until hardstyle and hardcore.” As being this year’s anthem maker, of course Stan can be found at the mainstage as well during Killshot LIVE. “A lot of new tracks, new edits, a good dose of energy… Everything you’re used to from Killshot LIVE!”

The festival camping BASECAMP will open its doors for the very first time as well, where the pre-party will represent the start of the weekend. Among others, Killshot can be found behind the decks here too.  “I can’t wait for the very first pre-party! It will be the start of a great weekend. I’ll definitely give everything I have during this set as well, so we can kick off the weekend with a bang!”

AIRFORCE Festival 2019 – Destined to Diverge will return tot the former airbase in Enschede in the weekend of the 3rd of August. Tickets are still available via the official website of the event, on which you’ll also find more information. 

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