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On the 23rd of March Rebelion will release their second album. You can find solo-tracks and collaborations on the album ‘Empire’, which contains a total of 23 tracks. The Scottish DJ’s announced the tracklist of their album earlier this month.

Their first album ‘Uprising’ was a big hit. Raymond Baird and Gary O’Dea didn’t stop there and wanted to produce a second album. ‘Empire’ will be a double CD album. If you can’t wait any longer, you can already listen to a lot of tracks of the album on YouTube. Just scroll down and you will see which ones.

Tracklist of their new album ‘Empire’
1. Rebelion ft John Harris – Empire
2. Rebelion – Another Day
3. Rebelion & Sub Sonik ft LXCPR – Bring It On
4. Rebelion – BTTF
5. Adaro ft Rob Gee – Dark Universe (Rebelion Remix)
6. Rebelion – Echoes (E-force Remix)
7. Rebelion – Hardest MF (Cryptonite Remix)
8. Rebelion & Killshot – Partystarters
9. Rebelion – Lockdown
10. Rebelion – My Mind
11. Rebelion & Warface – Get Back
12. Radical Redemption & Outbreak – You With Me (Rebelion Remix)
13. Rebelion – Sempiternal
14. Rebelion & Luminite – Underground
15. Warface ft Superior – Beyond Aggression (Rebelion Remix)
16. Rebelion – Rise Again
17. Rebelion – The TSAR
18. E-Force & Deetox – Rawness (Rebelion Remix)
19. Rebelion ft MC Livid – Armageddon
20. Rebelion – Salvation (Delete Remix)
21. Rebelion ft Sovereign King – Wall Of Death
22. Rebelion – A-Bomb (N-Vitral Remix)
23. Rebelion & Garra – DRUG$$

The Scottish duo will perform at several festivals later this year. You can find them on QAPITAL together with Malice, they will play at REBiRTH and also the brand new festival Phoenix is marked on their calendars.

Source picture: Facebook-page Rebelion

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