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By Wouter de Vink

Major Conspiracy is about to open the gates to heaven for their first solo event. Together with organization BKJN, the duo presents the line-up of their shrine in the iconic 013: G.V.D.!

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Anyone who has visited the sets of Major Conspiracy in recent years knows that the dancefloors are played upside down by this energetic twosome. As one of the most popular duos of the harder styles, the cheerful Sunny and Jari have now unpacked their gift from the afterlife with 8 hours of the greatest artists from the heavenly Uptempo and the sickest shows. “Are you ready?!”

The BKJN Events presents: Major Conspiracy – G.V.D. line-up is blessed with a huge number of DJs that will be performing with the central duo. For example, Major plays with Dr. Peacock vs. Partyraiser and also together with Juliëx. In addition, they will come with a special Uptempo Frenchcore Madness LIVE set (known from their viral sets) and will end the party as immortals together with Dimitri K and Noxiouz.

Major Conspiracy G.V.D. line-up

Major Conspiracy vs. Dr. Peacock vs. Partyraiser
Major Conspiracy vs. Dimitri K vs. Noxiouz
Major Conspiracy vs. Juliëx
Major Conspiracy presents Uptempo Frenchcore Madness LIVE
Spitnoise vs. Dither
Trespassed vs. The Dope Doctor
Revealer vs. Inner Rage
MC Robs

“We proudly present you the MASSIVE line-up of our FIRST EVER SOLO EVENT!”

Major Conspiracy – G.V.D. will take place on Saturday the 29th of July 2023 in Poppodium 013 Tilburg. For tickets and more information, visit the event’s official website. “Expect amazing shows, crazy battles like you’ve never seen before and stunning visuals! We will take you on a journey to the gates of heaven, or will you descend into darkness…?”

Footage taken from Instagram page Major Conspiracy / Danny Rossen

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