Shenna van der Velden
By Shenna van der Velden

QAPITAL interviews different artists from the line-up, this time you will see Malice speaking. They tell about their passion, new tracks that will come and their relationship with QAPITAL. 

The first time that the duo Malice could be seen at QAPITAL was two years ago. They played in the second area and they will never forget that. “The crowd was like… WOW! It’s still one of my favourite gigs ever. We stood in front of our friends, our fans, right in front of the crowd”, they explain. Many people wanted to see them play but couldn’t because the stage was so packed. “The atmosphere was amazing. We remember a video, watching it the day after and thinking: oh, we did that?”

Last year they played the mainstage together with Rebelion and were so impressed by the stage: “It was massive. Really, really massive. We always wanted to play there one day.” Also this year the guys are at QAPITAL as Malice Live. Check out the entire interview.

Malice in a interview for QAPITAL 2019

QAPITAL will take place at Saturday 6 april 2019 in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. For tickets and more information you go to the official website of the event. 

Photo by Facebook-page Malice

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