Shenna van der Velden
By Shenna van der Velden

MANDY has just released her latest track ‘High Tonight’ with a matching video clip. In the video clip she literally goes ‘high’ and brings it to a new level. 

MANDY was buiding up the tention towards the release day over the last few weeks on her socials. The track is the awaited follow up of her official remix for Tiesto’s – Jackie Chan. ‘High Tonight’ is characterized by an energetic melody & drop and is for sure a warming up for the festival season. MANDY says the following about her latest track:

“High Tonight is a track that let’s my heart skip. It’s a party starter and I can’t wait to blast this one during my gigs. We wanted to do something different this time with the video so we decided to really get high. Loving the end result and hopefully the fans do to!”

‘Lets get high’ with the new track and video clip of MANDY

The new track has officially been released on Dirty Workz and can be heard through this link. The song will be played at Reverze by MANDY this Saturday (23 February 2019).

Photo by Facebook-page MANDY

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