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Each year, thousands of visitors return from Mysteryland with millions of unique stories. Every story is as unbelievable as it is true, yet none of them embraces the entire festival experience. Not only does this edition offer a broader creative program than ever. Musically, Mysteryland also brings an explosion of various electronic styles, ranging from cutting edge hardstyle, hip hop and disco to the cream of the international house, techno and electro scene.

Last year Mysteryland introduced a multi-day festival including a campsite, called ‘The Holy Ground’. It became an instant hit because the weekendtickets were sold-out within two hours. It was clear, The Holy Ground Camping had to make a return next year.

Luckily it will! Because the town of Haarlemmermeer has announced that Mysteryland is authorized to expand its campsite, adding an extra day to a weekend of partying. Visitors of Mysteryland can now stay from Friday August 26 until Monday August 29. The director of the festival, Paul Brouwer, said the following:

“We’re relieved and proud with this growth in days. Last year the Holy Ground Camping was open until Sunday. Thanks to the fantastic vibe that the visitors had, we are allowed to further expand the camping this year. We’re very excited to make this year’s edition ever better.”

The ticket sales of Mysteryland 2016 start on Thursday March 31, but you can already pre-register through the official website. Make sure you register on time so you won’t have to miss out on those weekendtickets this year.


Source: Telegraaf

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