Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

The Outbreak Management Team (OMT) advises the government to reopen cultural sector of the Netherlands. In that case, the events and festivals should also be possible again soon, based on a number of conditions.

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The OMT considers it responsible to ‘fully reopen Dutch society’, according to newspaper NRC. The government appears to be following the advice, but there are still doubts about which conditions should apply. Such as a maximum number of visitors, the corona pass (test certificate) and a mandatory closing time (20:00 or 22:00).

According to the insiders, this reopening is comparable to the end of last year, when events such as Supremacy and Vroeger Was Alles Beter were held. Events should therefore be possible again soon, and people can look forward to a festival season with, REBiRTH Festival, Supersized Kingsday and many more.

OMT advice: ‘Events will soon be possible again with certain conditions’

On Monday, the involved ministers will meet with RIVM (Dutch public health institute) to discuss the OMT advice. There will be another press conference next Tuesday: with definite information about the upcoming events and festivals.

Cover photo via Facebook page REBiRTH Festival


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