Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Dr. Peacock and BKJN Events have unveiled the highly anticipated line-up for the largest-ever Peacock in Concert edition at the Silverdome. In addition to the biggest names, an extra 2nd area has now also been added for the first time: specially for early frenchcore enthusiasts.

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The Peacock in Concert assembly pushes many musical boundaries every year, resulting in sold-out (and especially memorable) evenings in 013 Tilburg and AFAS Live. Now the orchestra is settling down in the Silverdome, where Peacock will be unpacking with a gigantic line-up.

For example, Peacock in Concert presents Mad Masquerade, where the mega number of live musicians can finally present this show on the mainstage after months of preparations. A place that is full of big names anyway, because if you look at the now revealed line-up, you will only see the biggest names. For the first time in a very long time, Dr. Peacock vs. Sefa will perform together again with a unique Reunion Set.

Also, Dr. Peacock vs. Partyraiser behind the decks, Billx is going all out for his solo set, Dimitri K & Major Conspiracy pick up the pace and The Sickest Squad vs. Le Bask take you on a journey through time from old to new frenchcore. Speaking of which: Peacock in Concert has a second area in the Silverdome for the first time, which is completely dedicated to Early Frenchcore. Or like Dr. Peacock and BKJN put it nicely themselves: “Old noise!”

Peacock in Concert 2023 line-up (Mad Masquerade)

Peacock in Concert presents Mad Masquerade
Dr. Peacock vs. Sefa (Reunion Set)
Dr. Peacock vs. Partyraiser
Dimitri K & Major Conspiracy
The Sickest Squad vs. Le Bask (Old vs. New Frenchcore set)
Remzcore feat. M’Dezoen LIVE
JKLL, Creeds & Helen Ka
Mr. Ivex LIVE
Super Trash Bros. LIVE
Euphoric Frenchcore Records LIVE (Deathroar, Captain Core & Melolife)
Mc Robs

NEW: Ouwe Herrie
Xqruciator | The Resonant Squad | The Speed Freak | Hellcreator | Necronym | Rave Generators | Consumer | Mc RG

“A celebration marked by the craziness of freedom awaits…”

The fourth and largest edition of Peacock in Concert will take place on March 4, 2023 in the Silverdome in Zoetermeer. For tickets and more information, visit the event’s official website.

Footage taken Facebook page Peacock in Concert / SPARK


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