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A creative “Phreshness”, that’s what briefly describes Phrantic, who as of today, is a new Dirty Workz member! With his homebase in Switzerland – it must be the Swiss air that opens his mind to the endless possibilities within Hardstyle.

Besides outstanding performances and thrilling productions, Phrantic is also responsible for a monthly podcast dubbed “Phreshcast” – worth checking out. He had the following to say about his signing:

“The last few years have been a bit of an up and down for me musicwise. Not only the hardstyle scene has changed a lot, but also I personally as an artist have changed quite much. I’ve been experimenting with a lot of genres and have been trying to bring some fresh new air into the genre. That resulted in a variety of new tracks and caused me to drift away even further from my roots.

Eventually, even though I love the people behind the label and appreciate what they are doing, I felt like Theracords wasn’t the right platform anymore for my music. After quite a while of not really knowing what to do I got in touch with Dirty Workz and they were immediately interested in working together and bringing a new perspective to the scene. I felt like this was an enormous chance to spread my work even further out to the world and I decided to take that chance.

So finally after quite some time of secrecy I’m happy to announce that we joined forces and the future Phrantic releases will come out on Dirty Workz! You can expect the first release previews VERY soon.”

For more information about Phrantic be sure to visit his website: http://www.phrantic-music.com/

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