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By Wouter de Vink

Phuture Noize once again gives a huge calling card with the release of his seventh (!) album. Despite the many changes within hardstyle, the authentic producer knows how to find his way again in From Star To Stardust: a musical recommendation for every enthusiast.

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After a tumultuous period, Phuture Noize was told last October that he would do his own show in 013 Tilburg. “I have to admit I was quite stressed about whether I was going to make it,” says the Black Mirror Society founder. He had just completed his own X-Qlusive, but realized that hardstyle has changed enormously since the recent pandemic. After difficult struggles in the studio, he finally got back on track partly due to his new workflow: “I shouldn’t doubt my vision on hardstyle, but rather create listening experiences through albums.”

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From Star To Stardust goes completely against the trend where quantity seems to be more important than quality. It is clearly difficult to match previous top albums such as Pursuit of Thunder, Black Mirror Society and Silver Bullet, although the creativity of Phuture Noize makes it seem so self-evident. It shows why an album can be much more than ‘just’ a collection of tracks and it has again lead to many positive reactions. “Marco is back.”

Phuture Noize about the idea behind From Star To Stardust

“An album about criticizing and overturning the status quo – the stars – into a new beginning – the stardust. Just like how stardust is and always will be the building block for all what’s alive and dead.

The general emotion through the album is aggression, frustration, but foremost hope, like a new beginning. It’s a journey through the mind of the average human being stuck in current society, thinking about the current trend and wanting to do something about it. The journey of trying to find positivity and hope through the minefield of this digitized society. The conclusion of the album is whatever happens, there’s always hope.”

“We can all stare blind on what the ‘hardstyle scene’ should be like and stuff. but if we can have nights like these, does it really matter.”

This Saturday, Phuture Noize will play his new album on the mainstage at the opening of the festival season: REBiRTH Festival. Armed with eleven brand new tracks, he can also be found this summer at Intents, Sunrise and The Opening Ceremony at Defqon.1 – a musical show in which the album will probably come into its own on the biggest stage of the harder styles.

Phuture Noize – From Star To Stardust is now available online through the Black Mirror Society channels. In addition, a vinyl, CD and a new merch drop of the album will be coming soon.


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The structure of the album

“Starting out thinking about the trend, almost like going through the rabbit hole. The start of the odyssey into finding the purpose of current society, somewhat confused and therefore dynamic in sound. Followed by playing with aggression and heavy dancefloor music, then broken down into emotive and hopeful more sing along music to generate dynamic throughout the piece. Ending with the message of never losing hope, to create something new out of the stardust left after this societal supernova, that explodes the current stars of society. (A nice wink to cancel-culture).”

Footage taken from Stelt Photos and The Arrows – Martin Hols

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