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By Hard News

Marco & Jos, also known as the duo Bass Chaserz, have alwasy had a passion for hard dance ever since they were little. While the years progressed, so did their DJ skills. Eventually they came up with the name Bass Chaserz and used this name for future bookings.

It’s without a doubt that the guys are doing well with their career, because they’ve signed at Nightbreed Records, a label started by the famous act Endymion. Bass Chaserz have had multiple hits on their name like ‘Reach Up In Ya Mouth’ and ‘Big Dick’.

A few days ago they made the announcement that Platinum Agency had added these guys to their artist roster. It’s a big honor to be signed to Platinum, because many of the big boys are stationed there.

“We are proud to announce to you that we’ve joined Platinum Agency! Through this step, we can focus even more on our music and let you hear what we are capable of! We hope we can show ourselves and inspire a lot of you with our sounds… Be prepared, 2016 will be huge!!!”

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