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2016 couldn’t be off to a better start for Prefix & Density aka Wouter Haarhuis and Bas Claassen, because they’ve reached the #1 spot on Hardstyle.com.

The alias Prefix & Density has been around longer than today. In 2007 these gentlemen met through a producing forum. One year later the duo Prefix & Density saw the light of day. Since that moment they’ve worked hard on their production qualities, which resulted in their first release “Warning” on the underground label Spoontech Records. After signing with Theracords, about a year after their first release, their music stayed very diverse. They’ve released melodic tracks like “La Musica” and “Spark of Light” and pounding raw tracks like “S.T.F.U.” and “Soundwaves”.

Last year they’ve gave their act a new twist by bringing a new concept called Brain meets Brutal. The EP’s that followed shortly after (The Brain and The Brutal) were a big hit. But there was one track that stood out on The Brain EP: “Contrast”. It has been a while that this kind off hardstyle, which is hard but melodic, arose in this scene. Prefix & Density liked it as well and decided to continue this style. “Just A Memory” is the perfect example. It’s also their first track that includes vocals. The positive response was incredible and it resulted in the track reaching the #1 spot on Hardstyle.com.

It appears that Prefix & Density will keep on using the style of “Contrast” and “Just A Memory”. Let’s hope they’ll hit big mainstages soon.

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